Commercial & Industrial Storage Solutions

Our Central Ohio locations are equipped with several warehouse options which allow for the convenient, secure, affordable and large-scale storage of business equipment, materials and manufactured goods you may not have room for at your own facilities. Along with storage, County Warehousing also offers warehouse and logistics services in the form of temporary holding facilities for manufacturers who need storage prior to delivering their goods to distributors. Contact County Warehousing to discuss your particular needs and we’ll work with you to provide a cost-saving solution.

Warehousing Solutions

We currently have hundreds of thousands of square feet of storage available. Pricing is based on space and time requirements and can be customized to your particular needs. Additionally, our warehouses are equipped with a range of access points, loading docs, and bays for making the loading & unloading process easy.


100 Manning St., Newark OH 43055
Over 95,000 sq. feet of warehousing space on 6 acres of land.

Warehouse area - 95,720 sq. feet
Main warehouse - 69,000 sq. feet (occupied)
Warehouse 2 - 26,720 sq. feet
Total Property Area - 6.45 acres

90 Norton Ave., Newark OH 43055
*Office space available for rent at this location! email or call 740-334-4529 for details!

Gross Building Area - 36,320 sq. feet
Self Storage 1 - 4,780 sq. feet (net)
Self Storage 2 - 4,480 sq. feet (net)
WH 1 - 9,120 sq. feet (net)
WH 2 - 10,400 sq. feet (net)
Office - 7,500 sq. feet
Total Property Area - 3.12 acres

171 Riverside Dr., Newark OH 43055
Over 18,000 sq. feet of warehousing & open shed space, sitting on 7 acres of land.

Total Warehousing space - 18,780 sq. feet
Warehouse - 5,280 sq. feet
Open Shed - 13,500 sq. feet
Total Property Area - 7.61 acres

3825 Columbus Rd., Newark OH 43055
Gross Building Area - 87,284 sq. feet

Main Warehouse - 71,284 sq. feet
Bakery - 4,000 sq. feet
4 storage warehouses - 2,400 sq. feet each
Kennel - 2,400 sq. feet
Total Property Area - 30.695 acres

Common Uses for Warehousing

Where our Self Storage solutions tend to be temporary in nature, the Warehouse Storage solutions we provide are typically more long-term and often evolve into a business partnership. If you’re a large-scale manufacturer or do seasonal work involving heavy machinery, you’re aware how costs associated with storage can add up. We work with clients to provide custom storage for temporarily unused machinery, and for manufactured goods that are in limbo - that is, not able to be stored at either the manufacturing facility or the distributor. If problems such as these sound familiar, please get in touch.

Do you need a custom warehouse solution?
Let us know your needs and we can help find the storage space for you. Contact County Warehousing today to get started.